A heartbreaking story that interweaves a child's dealing with loss and change with the magical world of fairy tales.

David escapes to a land of twisted fairy tales, but finds that the comfort he thought would be there is false. Ultimately he decides that returning home is important and while he still longs for the world of fantasy he has also developed a compassion for those he left behind.

While the story involves a child the story is really told for adults to read. It is written as a memory of an adult. At times I felt it a bit longish in tooth but the finale made up for it. I read a copy where the end of the book had a brief interview and review of all the fairy tale sources .... all the sources except a couple stories that the entire situation seems to be built around- The Wizard of Oz or Alice in Wonderland. The escape and return to home a changed person, one who sees things that makes them grow up a bit faster than usual due to the situation's brutal nature.

Wonderful story.

lkucharski's rating:
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