*Ender’s Game* is probably the best starting point for people who have never read science fiction. Science fiction movies are mostly action. SF *books* are often intelligent, thoughtful explorations of morals, politics, psychology, and the nature and future of humanity. *Ender’s Game* is a particularly good example of a book that is both exciting and thoughtful.

In a future America, Earth has survived an attack by an advanced alien race, because of the brilliance of one military leader and a lot of good luck. Earth’s leaders assume that an attack will come again, but we have several decades to prepare for it, because the invading civilization is so far away. The most talented children are sent to Battle School, a space station where they learn military strategy. Ender Wiggins is the most talented student, but also the most morally advanced. How can he be trained to destroy the enemy?

*Ender’s Game* is about moral choices. What are we willing to do to win a game? Are we willing to sacrifice our children to win a war? How do you know if you are the “good guys” or the “bad guys” in a war? It's a great book for discussions because of its depth but also because it is exciting to read even while making you question whether war is something to be excited about.

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