The Outlaws
The Outlaws By Griffin, W. E. B. Downloadable Audiobook - 2010

After reading several Lee Child novels, I deliberately returned to Griffin's Castillo and co. to see how they measured up in comparison with Jack Reacher. At first I thought 'not so well.' The president and his CIA chief and other
key government figures are presented as caricatures. Surely no US president could be so lacking in leadership skills and common sense. But this makes one particular point better than in any other book I have read,
that if government and the civil service they oversee doesn't have the best brains, then others with better brains will outsmart them, and if those others are criminals we are in trouble. This bunch of 'leaders' are no match for
the regular brilliance of Castillo's people - the outlaws(!) - even though all of them have been ordered to disappear from view. And without them, the
world is in big trouble. Will this president realize that his capabilities are insufficient to the task? I will find out as I finish the book. A great read, with laughs, and a few lessons.

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