A Pedigree to Die for
A Pedigree to Die for A Melanie Travis Mystery By Berenson, Laurien eBook - 1995

I'm a dog lover and an especial sucker for a good mystery. Yeahaw I struck the jackpot with Laurien Berenson's first Melanie Travis Series mystery A Pedigree to Die For. A school teacher on summer break and single mom Melanie gets reeled into the world of Dog Shows when her Aunt Peg, recently widowed and owner of a respectable kennel with a lot of wins and trophies calls her for help to find her missing Champion Black Standard Poodle "Beau". The mystery is chock full of suspense, interesting info of how Dog Shows operate, a little mild romance and a nail biting climax with a shocking twist that'll totally surprise you. It sure did to me. Read it...it's available in book and e-book.

Oh yes and did I tell you is was an Overdrive Big Read Selection? Deservedly so.

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