I'm so glad that I finally made time to read this book. Wow! Honeyman has written one of the best stories of growth and character development that I've ever read. Eleanor is intelligent, organized, and calm. She's just fine. Really, she's fine.
At the beginning of the book, Eleanor is locked in a routine. She works all week, blurs the weekend with vodka, and then does it all over again. She has no friends, no filter, and no social skills. Her mother is scathing and cruel. Then she meets someone who gradually becomes a friend. He's warm and easygoing. They eat lunch together, and message back and forth, and he cares about her feelings and cares enough to check in on her. He changes her life.
This book has a little bit of everything. It made me laugh, it kept me turning the pages eagerly, there were some real twists, I cried near the end, and then I turned the final page with a big smile on my face. Love, love, love.

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