I was really drawn to it because of the creepy cover. I read the synopsis and thought it was interesting so I ordered it from my library. I've made the mistake of buying horror books in the past and reading them and wishing I had bought something else. Anyway, I just finished reading this book. Took me two afternoons to read. Holy beezus. I thought I was really going to love this book! I actually REALLY wish I liked this book but I REALLY do NOT like this book. Here are my reasons why:

1) It didn't need to be as long as it was. Could've been 150 pages instead of 300.

2) NOT CREEPY or SCARY enough!!! I mean LOOK AT THE COVER!!!!!

3) Some of the relationships the MC had made no sense. I have a close relationship with my friends and family so when I talk to them about something bothering me they don't just brush it off. So the whole MC's family dynamic in this book was shité.

4) Hated the haunting plot. It didn't make a whole lot of sense? It was too rushed and felt like a lot of BS to made into a book plot. I'm not a believer of ghosts but to me if the ghost or ghosts doing the haunting don't have a great reason for being there, why are they there? Ghosts are dead people's spirits. They have to have a plausible reason for staying around scaring the crap of of the living. Any ghost story you come a cross is real life like, a Weeping Lady, has a backstory as to why she's hanging around. This story is really just crap. I need to believe that it's real or how am I going to get scared?

5) The bugs. Really? You couldn't think of anything else to write about to scare someone? I mean, I get the heebie Jeebies around spiders too but seriously? They don't even have any reason to be there other than? What? Freak the MC out? Pointless!!

6) I feel like I wasted time I will never get back. I really could've been reading something worthwhile.

I'm sorry if this review reads as very harsh but I am being very honest here.

It wasn't an ALL bad (majority) read. It had a few chapters of genuine creepiness. It involved a freaky little kid scene, of course.

So read it, don't read it. Hey, you might even like it even if I didn't.

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